10 3D-Human models

10 3D-Arabic Human models in two different positions ( sitting, walking, running, watching ) for a total of 20 poses all in 3d max format.

TEXTURE MAPS Diff use and Normal maps in 2048 x 2048 pixel.

FORMAT Models are compatible with 3DS Max 9 or above and Light wave 7.5 or above. Files are also provided as .OBJ to ensure compatibility with almost all 3D graphic software.

MATERIALS 3DS Max and Light wave Standard. UNITS Meters.

file size : 172 Mega byte

Password : tamayouzwebda3

مجموعة اشخاص عربية

عبارة عن 10 اشخاص ( رجال - نساء ) كل شخص بوضعين مختلفين

يمكن استخدامهم في المشاهد الداخلية والخارجية

بعض العناصر

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